• Transportation Expertise
  • Dependable & Flexible Care
  • Through Rates to all points nationwide
  • Driver Direct Deliveries
  • Increased Service with Decreased Loss/damage
  • Availability of Team Driver Service
  • Dedicated Service to all points Nationwide
  • 48’ & 53” Trailers
  • Temperature Controlled Reefer Service
  • Air Ride Equipment Options


Volume and LTL

Advantage Transportation is positioned to provide solutions for your Volume LTL.

We coordinate Volume LTL shipments by loading these orders on Line Haul schedules and making deliveries Driver Direct. We make it easy for you and take the stress out of even the most complex Volume LTL requirements.

Advantage Transportation focuses on “The Total Advantage” reinforcing a service we want you to experience with each load. We accomplish an increased service level by:

  • Eliminating Break Bulks, Hubs, Relay Stations and Agent reworks.
  • Minimizing Handling of your product, Decreasing the chance for Loss and Damage
  • Care that assures you of product Integrity
  • Incurring no terminal overhead, thereby enabling us to provide a cost effective means of transporting larger orders.
  • Orders can be scheduled and Loaded to Ride. Thus, ensuring, your product is received by your customer as it was loaded on the trailer.

What is considered Volume LTL? Traditionally, shipments qualify as a Volume LTL, when the following requirements exist:

  1. 12' of trailer space or more
  2. 5,000# shipments up to 25,000#

Advantage Transportation covers all points nationwide, and, has built a reputation on servicing shipments which may not fit into the traditional Common Carrier structure.

We also handle smaller LTL order’s that require Special Care and Handling. Due to the sensitive nature of many such shipments, we facilitate arrangements that keep them out of the traditional cross dock operations.

Please contact one of staff members to learn more about the best approach for your LTL shipment. Experience how our “Advantage” works for you!

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